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I want to thank both Jim and Daniil for what you're doing for us with the trainings. I'm learning a lot. I've spent thousands of dollars on courses most of which could be put into one training, but I feel you guys are the real deal! You're both out there doing it everyday and actually show your students (us) the actual pictures of what you're doing. That means a lot especially for students who are new. I was a bit skeptical at first when I joined thinking it was going to be another "guru course" but you and Daniil have really impressed me.

Patrick Tarmey Patrick Tarmey

I was at a place where I wanted to expand my rentals, but could not put my finger on how to get the cash to do it….With this training I have tripled my rental portfolio without having to use my own cash or a bank for financing and now there are no limits on how much real estate I can own! I now have 15 rentals houses that are tenant occupied... I have 5 more houses and mobile homes in various stages of completion, that will transition to tenant occupied rentals over the next year.

Mathew Starr Mathew Starr

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