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Daniil your software program is insane, highly meticulous and crazy detailed. I've seen other softwares but nothing in comparison. There is no way a buyer can pass up such details because everything is in there.

You broke down a lot of terms in business and the training is intense to say the list. as a new investor I need more time to plan, and execute but is not gonna be long anymore. Thank you so much.

Angel Rodriguez

I just wanted to let

I just wanted to let the team know that any and every time I have a problem I can always depend on the Rehab Valuator Technical Support Team. I have been with them for over 6 or more years and I switched computers 3 or more times and each time they helped me with the transition. Thanks Tech Support (Dylan Hampson) and Daniil Kleyman.

Gregory L. Campbell
Campbell's & Associates, llc

This is some seriously good

This is some seriously good software. My hard money guys love the professional looking packages I put together for them. They keep telling me that I have the best looking and easiest to read presentations they have ever seen. And it's all thanks to Rehab Valuator. Thanks so much!

Kenneth Dessinger

Software Presentation

Daniil, this software is awesome! It's easy to use and saves time.

Erric Radecki

An Excerllent Insight into Real Estate Investment Analysis!!!!!

The Rehab Valuator is an incredible Real Estate Investment Analysis Tool which will help anyone in the Real Estate Industry understand how to analyze all kinds of investment opportunities including: Wholesaling, Flix & Flips, Rentals, Multifamily, Commercial,.... You will learn Daniil Kleyman's BRRRR (BUY-REHAB-RENT-REFI-REPEAT) successful formula, as well as, his BBRR (BUY--BUILD--ROLL-OVER--REPEAT) successful formula for developing properties. PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, PRACTICE, TUTORIAL PREVIEWS,& PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT will be the key ingredients to your long term winning success with Daniil Kleyman and his TEAM. Thank you, Daniil.

Michael F Morrison
Michael Morrison Productions, Inc.

Hello Daniil,I'm using the software

Hello Daniil,

I'm using the software and like it ! my issue is finding funding to close on properties I' m new to investing and don't have a lot of capital and having hard time find lenders that are reasonable to work with!! Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Roy Daaboul

Great Stuff!!

I'm using a Rehabvaluator Proposal I created at a huge national nonprofit JV meeting, and they're already excited about what I've shown them so far!!

Thanks Daniil!!
Anyway we can add the IRS Opportunity Zone Map link directly to the inputs feature ?
Deals are way more attractive when in an OZ.
Thanks again!!

Jonathan Smith

A-Z guide on private money.

This program has been an A-Z course on private money. From understanding what it is, how to use it properly, to structuring each deal. As well as how to properly protect yourself and most importantly your investors. I have used private money before this program but my understanding and knowledge to pass on to my lenders has went up astronomically.

Joseph Whittaker

Great software

I am just starting to use the Rehab Valuator software for training and I like everything that I have seen so far. I believe that this will be a great tool as my wife and I progress in our real estate investment company.

Bruce McKinney

Hi Danill,I don't have any

Hi Danill,
I don't have any deal yet , but the information you are providing are very useful. Please keep sending this type of information , because I'm learning a lot from them. Thanks a lot.

Freedom Real Properties Investments Inc.

Work in progress

Hey Daniil, the software is excellent. I am having issues finding the property owners in my area which is making me focus out of town which takes money out of my pocket because of shared deals, if I had a deal. 3 opportunities, 3 fails. I would really like to find a lender that is willing to assist in starting a newbie in the right tracks with his first fix and flip. Love the software please continue on your progress. Best of hard work and progress to you


Best thing to happen to real estate.

I Love the Rehab Valuator, I was recently buried in work as a production manager, now I'm focusing on real estate full time. I won't be satisfied until I master the rehab Valuator.

Lance Fletcher

Rehavaluator one month later

Hi Daniil. After using your online resources and Rehab Valuator I have place 3 multifamily buildings under contract totaling 58 units. Your website is invaluable. I would like to learn more about your build business model also.

Will keep you posted on my progress.


Clayton Williams

I wish I knew about

I wish I knew about this software 3 years ago. It took a lot of mental planning on our end during our first three rehabs to ensure that we were on the right track and budget . Three years later the tutorials I've been watching just validated that we were spot on with our projects , even with square ft cost of a full gut rehab . Definitely has alot of valuable eye openers , glad to be on board.

Ali Emre Basal
East Tennessee Partnership Corp.

I'm learning the software and looking for off market deals

I'm eager to test out the software strategies as soon as I find off market props, including fill in land with utilities at property or close by. You guys are Rockin' & Rollin' with outstanding Rehabvaluator love it!!!

Ronnie C. Duran
Official Real Estate Investments Ltd., Co.

My Premium Rehab Valuator was SO impressive it got me a New Private Lender !!


I am currently working on a Hurricane Harvey flooded house in Houston, Tx. where I live.
The house had almost 6 FEET of water in it for several weeks.
They rescued the elderly lady who lived there in a boat !!
It was un-reacheable for several weeks until the waters receded, so the mold was running rampant when I purchased it about two months later.

I was able to purchase it well below market with the help of my business partner, who knew the lady.
We did the demo and cleaned all the mold and received our "Clean house" Certificate from a State of Texas environmental inspector.
Two months later, we are about half way through with the rehab now.
All is going well and there have been no surprises.

I wanted to Thank You for my Premium Rehab Valuator software.
It helped me to get a new private lender to fund this project back January 2018.
She looked at the beautiful and organized reports and said "Wow, Now that looks fancy !!"
She loved the professional look of the reports, loved the numbers on the project and she funded the deal.

So a big Thank You !! for just the reports alone !

Edward - EAC Enterprise (Houston)

Risk it for the Biscuit

I first heard of Daniil 3 years ago and I’ve been using his product ever since. Last year I secured and borrowed over $1,000,000 dollars using RehabValuator program. This year we’ve already borrowed over $700,000. I hope we can triple that!

Spencer Shadravh

You are the man

Hi Daniil. I used Rehab Valuator for private funding for the first time and got $91k to fund my deal. Your software has made me money with my wholesale deals. Now, it looks like I will make money on rehabs with it as well. You are helping a ton of people...Keep doing what you are doing. You are the man.

Tim Rogers
3 Rogers Investment Group

Already locked up a deal

Just bought the updated RehabValuator last night and already locked up a deal today and got it totally funded at 5%. Closing in 10 days. Banks don't even lend in 10 days at 5%. Boom BABY!!! Thanks Daniil Kleyman.

Spencer Shadrach

Thank you Rehab Valuator

Picked up our 3rd property using Rehab Valuator today!!! Found the property yesterday, prepared our report, sent it to our lender, put the property under contract and secured financing in less then 24 hours!!! Thank you Rehab Valuator, Daniil Kleyman and all of the other users for all of the information, advice and support!!!

Melinda Koss Brennan

This program has saved me on deals

This program has saved me on deals. Before I approach an investor for funds, I know whether it's a deal or not. I'm not wasting both of our time. That confidence, going in, has my investors looking for my deal.

Mark Hammer

This software is totally BADASS

Just met with a buddy about a rehab I'm picking up in philly. Came well prepped with a rehab presentation from the rehab valuator. Presented everything to him and long story short he's funding my project, and wants me to pick up 10-20 rehab projects as he's looking to put his money to work. He's giving me access to upwards of 700k to get projects so he can make good ROI. Only thing now is for me to perfect the usage of the rehab valuator as far as plotting the numbers and making everything work. This software is totally BADASS

Marc Cesar

Everyone should have it

The rehab valuator has saved me from countless bad deals. I was lookign at a property where the numbers I was given seemed a bit off, so I ran it through the valuator and it came back at like 90% of ARV. This system is great and everyone should have it! It really is a must in today's world of shady business! It's easy to use, simple, and effective! I won't look at anything without running it through now! Thanks!

Jon Spindel

RehabValuator is fantastic

I'm not affiliated with Daniil but can say hands down the cloud-based rehabValuator is fantastic. Everytime I create a funding packet for a new lender, they are blown away but how professional the presentation is and the complete financial perspective given. The cloud version keeps everything in one place and you can create a copy to play with different scenarios to see outcomes.

Jared Kluver

Just what he wanted to see

I have a private lender with whom I've been trying to work for teh last 8-9 months. He's always waffled on the deals I sent him, but the last three deals ($75k, $102k and $126k) he grabbed immediately. He said that my presentation was just what he wanted to see. ... Now, I'm using it for all my deals and working with three more private money lenders. It's a great package for the beginning Real Estate Investor and a fine tool for the pros.

Jack McClure
Oak Grove Investing, LLC

I looked like an expert

I showcased this information to y first private money lender and he committed to do two deals immediately. I looked like an expert on my first pitch. After playing with this info I have gain momentum and since gotten two other private lenders. Where I was lacking in skillset for presentation, I can be more happy about the rehab valuation software allowing me to look professional and confident

Gary Wilson

We love the rehabvaluator!!

Just wanted to let you know that we secured 100% funding for an awesome development project we have been working on using your product. The lender is a major private lender in our area and works with a lot of investors I know. He said 'I wished all of the borrowers would approach me with a professional presentation like this' and complimented me on how organized everything was and he didn't have to go back and run numbers himself.

Curtis Wade
Ikon Homes, LLC

Makes us look like an authority

Using Rehab Valuator to get reports to clients makes us look like an authority. It raises our integrity and gives us confidence to do deals we would never have dreamed of doing before. Thanks Daniil. You are awesome!!!!!

Cheryl Nelson

Just wanted to say thank you

Just wanted to say thank my first deal...its amazing when you finally get a lender saying yes...we will fund 100% of your deal...(rookie) rehabbing...

Andrew Mayamba
Medina Realty

Awesome software

Awesome software.... Just raised another 200k with it!!

Akeem Seriki
ABS Worldwide, Inc